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Questions and Answers

Q:  When is the best time to remove the suckers from flowering weeping cherries, weeping Japanese maples and other grafted ornamental trees?

A:  Now is the time to cut the suckers to the ground. If left to grow they will harm and deform the tree. 

Q:  Some of our older trees have dead branches way up near the top.  Is it a good idea to remove these limbs or should we ignore them because they are so far up?

A:   Recent reports of people being harmed by falling dead branches and large limbs should convince anyone with damaged trees to get them pruned immediately. Leaving dead branches in the tree will also hasten decay in the tree.

Q:  I have several trees in my lawn which are not growing well.  I mulch them every year and now the mulch is 18" deep at the base of the tree, but nothing seems to help.

A:   "Volcano" mulching on the trunk of the tree will cause harm to the tree.  It will promote decay fungi which will slowly kill the tree. Mulch should be no more than 3-4" in depth and it should be distributed then pulled away from the trunk so that it does not touch the stem of the tree.

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